Do you need to get people from A to B? Are you looking to improve the sustainability of your development? Or are you simply putting new travel options in place and need some guidance?

Whatever your need, Odyssey is able to provide the strategic assistance, consultancy and analysis that can give you confidence when managing or improving development transport systems.


For you

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Odyssey is able to formulate transport strategies that accord with national policy, and your business aims – as well as giving guidance on local development plans and providing expert witness at public inquiries.

For drivers

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We can design site access solutions and access on site parking, servicing and waste management arrangements that simply make sense. We use ARCADY, PICADY, LinSig and TRANSYT to analyse capacity of junctions which may be affected by new development.

For cyclists

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Our experts can offer advice on cycle planning, including facilities and routes.

For pedestrians

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Odyssey examines pedestrian movement so you can cater for those on foot. We are also able to conduct Pedestrian Environment Review System (PERS) analysis.

For public transport

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We can produce bus priority schemes and public transport strategies to satisfy the needs of your development.

For all

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At Odyssey, we believe in new development that offers access by a range of travel modes designed not only to cater for the needs of new occupiers, but also to integrate with the existing community

Preliminary Site-Access Appraisals

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Odyssey’s thorough appraisals include full transport assessments and constraints analysis; input to environmental impact screening; accident investigation and prevention; accessibility assessments and more.


Transport Assessments

Transport Statements

Travel Plans

Construction Traffic Management  Plans

Waste Management Plans

Delivery & Servicing Plans

Car Park Management Plans



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