There’s a site you’ve got your eye on – but is it worth your while? What’s the risk of flooding? Can you get access to it? Are you able to develop it as you wish? Do you have the support of the local community in your endeavours? There are big questions to be asked before you make that all-important purchase, but Odyssey can answer them for you.

Already bought the site? Congratulations. Let us empower you to truly make the most of it.


Pre-purchase Site Evaluations

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Approach us before you buy and our responsive team will kick into action, conducting preliminary flood risk and drainage assessments; highways and access reviews; sustainable transport reviews; accessibility reviews; earthworks strategies; services appraisals and development and existing infrastructure constraints.

Community Assistance

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Our friendly team is experienced in facilitating community-involvement exhibitions and meetings, and supporting all aspects of planning for ‘real’ public-participation days.

Strategic Guidance

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Let us support you as you compile your development brief and in your site masterplanning, for complete confidence.

Expert Witness

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We are able to provide expert witness support through the appeal and inquiry process.

Planning Negotiations

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We’ll negotiate your planning obligations so you don’t have to, and can instead focus on what really matters: managing your development.


Flood Risk & Drainage Strategies

Access Strategies

Services Appraisals

Environmental Impact

Assessment Support



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