Odyssey has a wealth of experience in Highway Design gained over many years of providing highways consultancy services to the development industry. Our staff benefit from our commitment to the highest professional standards and rigorous in-house training and many of them have gained valuable experience in other sectors, such as local government, private house building companies and rival transport consultancies.


Road Design

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We are skilled in the design of Section 278 highway works; Section 38 estate works; new link roads; private civil estate layouts for industrial, commercial & residential land uses and more.

Junction Design

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We design all forms of junction from roundabouts and traffic signals to dual carriageway intersections. We secure technical approval from relevant Highway Authorities and prepare design specifications for the tender process.

Road Safety Assessment

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We can provide Road Safety Audits and Designers Responses to ensure our highway & junction designs meet the highest safety standards.

Traffic Management

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Odyssey have considerable experience in providing design solutions to the management of traffic in both urban and rural areas; be that giving greater priority to a particular mode of travel such as cyclists or buses, or seeking to reduce speeds to improve road safety.

Car Park Layouts

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Our skilled team is able to offer invaluable advice regarding the layout and design of car parks for maximum space utilisation and minimum congestion.

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's)

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Focus on your project and not the paperwork. We’ll compile the necessary documents that the police and local authorities need to control traffic and parking, to improve the safety of roads and their users, and preserve the character of the area.


Detailed Design Packages for Technical Approval

P278 / P38 Design Packages

Design Specifications

Road Safety Audits and Designers Responses

Pavement Design



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