The very first (but not last) ‘Odyssey Virtual Quiz Night’ took place recently. It was an excellent, well attended evening – with all agreeing that it was great to engage with colleagues whom we’ve not seen in a while…  Brian Chamberlain’s family team (Team Name: “Chamberlains”) emerged victorious in the end with a winning score of 46 out of 51! Herewith the full results:

​1st – Chamberlains  – 46 points

2nd – Flu Fighters – 38 points

Joint 3rd – Social Quiztancing & Quiztin Quarantino – 36 points

4th – WuhanClan – 34 points (Note: This team comprised only four members and as such controversially argued that they were the actual winners in terms of score per capita…)

5th – No Name Romsey – 32 points

6th – Team 4 – 30 points

A big thank you and well done to our host Nikolay, who worked hard getting some excellent and challenging questions together as well as arranging an Odyssey Dancing Man logo (who the majority of staff suggested should be added to the website…).