Odyssey’s Transport Planning Teams have been quick off the mark in preparing new Healthy Streets Transport Assessments for their London development clients.  Odyssey have produced several Healthy Streets Transport Assessments in liaison with TfL during the implementation stage of this new guidance.  Healthy Streets Transport Assessments are designed with safety and health in mind and are designed to promote active travel to and from new developments via enhanced pedestrian and cycling environments, as well as promoting safe travel as part of TfL’s Vision Zero Road Safety initiative.

The Healthy Streets Guidance comes into full effect on adoption of the new London Plan expected soon. At that stage all Transport Assessments accompanying development proposals above a certain threshold will be required to be in the Healthy Streets format in order to meet with London Plan Policy.

All prospective clients are advised to speak with Odyssey’s Transport Planning Teams in our London and Basingstoke offices for advice as to how this new guidance may affect their developments and the planning process.