Odyssey are proud to have supported Highwood Group Homes in delivering 1200 Homes which includes community and retail services, a care village and employment zones at the Stoneham Park site in Eastleigh. The SuDS system we designed has been of huge benefit to the environment over traditional systems that simply drain to the sewer system. Surface water run-off is infiltrated/attenuated/treated at source within ponds, swales and wetlands that are linked throughout the development. The surface water runoff that does pass back into watercourses, does so at reduced rates. Utilising these natural SuDS devices provides better water treatment and biodiversity benefits.

Odyssey worked closely with Highwood Homes and Deacon Design to deliver this well thought out development that is already benefitting the local area and residents. This development raises the bar and shows the high level of standards that can be achieved with a great team working together. The talk in the industry regarding this hugely successful development has brought the attentions of the BBC to Highwood at Stoneham Park this week. Watch back on the BBC for a great interview with Steve Matthews of Highwood Homes talking through the SuDS. #Civil Engineers #Drainage # Surface Water Management #Biodiversity #SuDS #Sustainability #Infiltration #Attenuation #Water treatment #Nitrate neutral  #Phosphate #Watercourse